Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – (30ml) 750mg

Indulge in the unparalleled wellness of Green Roads’ Medium-Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. Expertly crafted with 750mg of supportive CBD per 30ml, each 1ml serving offers a delightful 25mg dose, creating a month of blissful support. Immerse yourself in a rich, caramel-infused experience with our uniquely formulated blend. Precision meets perfection with an included measuring tool, ensuring easy, accurate servings. Elevate your well-being today—visit Kush Kingdom for the transcendent Green Roads experience.

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Welcome to a new level of well-being with Green Roads’ premium Medium-Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. In this 30ml bottle, experience a unique formulation crafted by skilled pharmacists—a standout in the industry.

💪 Potency & Quantity: Enjoy 750mg of supportive CBD, with each 1ml serving delivering 25mg—a perfect daily dose.

🌈 Flavor Sensation: Immerse yourself in a rich, sweet experience with subtle notes of caramel—a sensory delight, not just a supplement.

🎯 Precision Matters: Our bottle includes a measuring tool for easy, precise, and hassle-free daily servings.

🌿 Ingredients Harmony: With a blend of 5 premium ingredients, our formulation goes beyond, adding depth and quality to your CBD experience.

🌐 Broad Spectrum Brilliance: Experience the full spectrum of wellness with our broad spectrum oil, maintaining less than 0.01mg of THC.

Elevate your well-being with Green Roads’ Medium-Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


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